Custom Skating Dress Request Form

Looking for a custom skating dress? Fill out the form below to get started. 

* Your budget will impact how many and the type of crystals for your dress. Test dresses can be made for under $400.
**I recommend standard fit. For kids, it will almost always work for a full season or more even with growth spurts. Room to Grow fit will look big at first with the skirt a little longer and the sleeves will have an extra ½ inch of length. Additional growth panels are possible in some cases.
If your scheduled spot is more than a month away, I will ask you to double check measurements later. Please take measurements while wearing a skating dress, practice dress or leotard. Do not measure over regular clothing.

Please let me know if you have questions or would like to schedule a facetime fitting to measure. The tape measure should be comfortably tight. Please do not use a very old tape measure, as they can become stretched out over time. Please do not use a metal tape measure string, or a ruler.
Take the following measurements standing with arms straight out like a T
Skirt Placement:
Wearing a skating dress, please measure from the top of the shoulder to the point on the body where you want the skirt to be placed on the hips. This may be shoulder to the top of the hip bone or to the natural waist.
Skirt Length:
Wearing a skating dress, please measure from the skirt placement line (above measurement) at the front side to the front skirt length. For an asymmetrical skirt, please send the shortest length you are ok with and the longest length. For Dance length, please include a back length measurement.